Stewards Report

Albion Park 20/05/2022

Albion Park Harness

Date: Friday 20 May 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Overcast

Stewards Panel: R.McCrae (chairman) │ W.Barr | M. Greentree | F.Hartford │ O. Legg

Officials: Dr. Mark McGarry (Veterinarian) │J. Suli (Judge) │ J. Johnson (Assistant Judge) │G. Torpey & J. Petersen (Starters) │K. Kilpatrick (Swab Official)

Supplementary Report:

Albion Park - Race 9 – 19th May 2022

Stewards questioned driver Phoebe Betts (He Said She Said) from race 9 at Albion Park on the 19th of May 2022, regarding reasons why from approx. the 400m to the 200m her left leg dropped from the sulky rest. Miss Betts advised stewards that she had difficulty keeping her foot in contact with the sulky rest when driving the horse out, due to the positioning of the sulky rest. Upon reviewing all camera angles, stewards were satisfied no contact was made by Miss Betts foot to the hind leg of He Said She Said. Miss Betts was subsequently reprimanded under AHR170(1)(a) for failing to maintain her feet in the sulky rest at all times. Miss Betts was also reprimanded under AHR43A(1) for failing to remain on course the required time after her drive.


The start of this race was delayed and a false start was declared when the 10metre and 20metre tapes failed to release. The Subsequent start was hand held.

Natty Pagger NZ (Trent Moffat) Galloped out at the start however due to the initial false start no action was taken in this instance against the Gelding.

Race 2 – AQWA CONSTRUCTIONS UP TO 1 WIN AS A 3YO+ PACE            1660M

The Weapon (Riley Butt) Momentarily tightened for room contacting a marker peg when Bold Cowboy hung in.

Bold Cowboy (Adam Sanderson) Hung in under pressure rounding the home turn. A warning was placed on the gelding.


All The Fours (Narissa McMullen) Checked when Wet Flipflops NZ broke gait and fell.

Shez Got Bling (Pete McMullen) Severely checked when Wet Flipflops NZ broke gait and fell.

Redbank Molly (Mathew Neilson) Severely checked, broke gait and took no further competitive part when Wet Flipflops NZ broke gait and fell.

Wet Flipflops NZ (Phoebe Betts) Raced roughly at the start working forward to the position outside of the leader then broke gait entering the first turn, blundered and fell dislodging driver Phoebe Betts. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to of suffered severe lacerations to both front knees and a deep laceration to the lower muzzle the mare was treated on course then transferred to a veterinary hospital for further assessment and treatment.

It was subsequently reported to stewards after additional assessment at the Veterinary Hospital the Mare had suffered significant knee joint contamination and connections elected to euthanise the Mare on humane grounds.

Heavenly Wisdom (Angus Garrard) Was unable to secure clear running over the concluding stages of the event.

Sharp Shooter (Adam Sanderson) Checked when Wet Flipflops NZ broke gait and fell.


With The Band NZ (Angus Garrard) Utilized the sprint lane in the run to the finish.

Jumping Jack Jimmy (Chris Petroff) Worked forward to the position outside of the leader then commenced to yield ground over the concluding stages of the event. Connections advised due to the current weather event in South East Queensland the gelding had missed some work and will take benefit from todays run.

Race 5 – WOLF SIGNS PACE   2138M

Due to the current weather and track conditions mudguards and splash sheets were applied prior to the start of this race.

Princess Chilla (Adam Sanderson) Hung in contacting a marker peg.

Lord Digby (Nathan Dawson) Caught wide over the early stages working forward to the position outside of the leader.

Magicol Ideal NZ (Clint Sneddon) Caught wide over the early stages before being restrained to a rearward trailing position.

Pebble Sands (Greg Elkins)Back in the draw after two successful consecutive mobile starts.


Four Starzzz Forsa (Leonard Cain) Found to of bled from both nostrils at the completion of the race. Connections were advised acting under AHR101(3)(a) the horse will be barred from racing for 3 Months and will be required to complete a satisfactory requalifying trial and have a veterinary clearance prior to resuming racing.

Loorrim Creek (Brendan Barnes) Inclined to shift out under pressure over the concluding stages of the event.

Eh Ef El NZ (Pete McMullen) Commenced a three wide run leaving the 600 metre point of the race.


Timzee NZ (Taleah McMullen) Checked when the pace slackened quickly leaving the first turn.

Franco Nandor NZ (Brendan Barnes) Abruptly slowed the pace when looking to obtain cover leaving the first turn.

Molliesmaryelle (Chris Petroff) Broke gait free of interference rounding the first turn. Connections were advised the Mare will be placed on it’s last chance to race truly.

Delightful Reason (Narissa McMullen) Inconvenienced when the pace slackened leaving the first turn.


Driver Brenden Barnes was reprimanded under AHR 168 (1)(a) for abruptly slowing the pace leaving the first turn in a careless manner.

Race 8 - TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY PACE       2138M

Frankies Tooth (Adam Sanderson)

Rockslide (Mathew Neilson) Unsuccessfully challenged for the lead over the early stages. Then raced in the position outside of the leader throughout before yielding ground over the concluding stages of the event.

Isolation (Gemma Hewitt) Worked forward from the start to lead the event.

Mighty George NZ (Leonard Cain)

Parama NZ (Riley Butt) Restrained at the start.

Roll One Over (Luke Whittaker) Restrained at the start.

Little Change (Pete McMullen) Utilized the sprint lane in the run to the finish.

Bomb Suit NZ (Nathan Dawson) Placed back in the mobile draw after two satisfactory consecutive mobile starts.


A late driver change was permitted in this race as driver Graham Dwyer did not have the appropriate safety equipment in particular mesh visor and eye protection for the deteriorating track conditions. As such was substituted for driver Grant Dixion on Kingofthestars.

Be My Rock (Narissa McMullen) Inclined to over race and pull hard when racing in behind the leader B Mac C.

Just Joshin (Nathan Dawson) Checked shortly after the start when Geldof hung in.

Geldof (Amanda Payne) Hung in shortly after the start momentarily tightening Just joshin and Be My Rock who were racing to the inside. The Gelding was inclined to over race throughout the run when racing in the position outside of the leader. Connections where advised the gelding will be placed on it’s last chance to race truly.

The Hervey Bay (Pete McMullen) Raced wide over the early stages unsuccessfully challenging for a forward position. The Gelding was then restrained to a rearward trailing position.

Swabs samples taken for analysis


R3 All The Fours

R6 Jumping Jolt

R8 Rosarito


All Winners

Race day Summary


R1 Hipsareswingin

R5 Ali Downunder L/S Vets

R7 Goelitz

R8 Platinum Revolution L/S Vets

R10 Copperfield

Licensee Actions

From Albion Park 19/05/22 - R9 Phoebe Betts – Reprimand – AHR 43 A (1) – Failed to remain on course for the prescribed time

From Albion Park 19/05/22 - R9Phoebe Betts – Reprimand – AHR 170 (1)(A) – Dropped foot

R7        Brenden Barnes – Reprimand – AHR 168 (1)(a) – Careless

Animal Actions

R5        Pebble Sands – BMD

R6        Four Starzzz Forsa – Bled – SDVETS, SD1T, SD3MONTHS

R8        Bomb Suit NZ – BMD

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