HRA Industry Notice - Provision of Breeding Information

29 August 2014

This breeding season, Harness Racing Australia (HRA) is taking steps to improve the collection and input of relevant and accurate breeding data in order to better appreciate and respond to breeding trends which will improve decision making, assist breeders and move to protect the Standardbred population.

This work follows on from a number of the themes and Recommendations of the Australian Standardbred Breeding Panel Report (September 2011), as well as abiding by requirements within the Australian Rules of Harness Racing.

As a result, from 1 September 2014, Breeders and Studs will need to provide the relevant authorities with the following information:

  • reporting of Service Type
  • reporting of Semen Type
  • pre-approval for Embryo Transfer procedures  (Form R285B-1)
  • notification following each Embryo Transfer procedure  (Form R285B-2)

This data will benefit the industry by providing a more informed appreciation of breeding options and trends.

For more information, please contact Andrew Kelly on 03 9227 3000.

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