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The search engine works similarly to other search engines you may be familiar with (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.). The information on this page will help you get the most out of the search.

Entering Search Terms

When a number of words are entered, results containing any of the words will be return, with preference given to those containing all of the words. The following example illustrates this:

Search Terms Search Results
Hunter Cup Documents containing either "Hunter Cup", "Hunter" or "Cup"

The following examples show how you can create more powerful searches:

Search Terms Search Result
"Hunter Cup"
(with quotation marks)
Documents containing the phrase "Hunter Cup".
Hunter +Cup

Documents which contain both the word "Hunter" and the word "Cup" (but not necessarily the phrase "Hunter Cup").

Hunter -Cup Documents which contain the word "Hunter" but do not contain the word "Cup".
"Inter Dominion" +"Albion Park"
(with quotation marks)
Documents which contain both the phrase "Inter Dominion" AND also contain the phrase "Albion Park"

Search Types

The search has 4 different search categories. An explanation of these follows.

1. Entire Site Searches across the News, Rules, Studs & Sires and HRA PDF documents on this site.
2. Rules Searches only the Rules section of
3. Studs & Sires Search Searches only the Studs and Sires sections of
4. PDF Search Searches only pages filed as PDF documents on the entire site. Adobe Acrobat is required to view these documents.

For more advanced partial word searches see also the section on "Wildcards" below.


You can also use the asterix (*) character in your search to indicate a wildcard. For example a search for "Rob*son" will return documents containing "Robertson", "Robinson", "Robson" and so on.

Wildcards can also be used for partial word searches, for example: "amend*" will match "amend" or "amendment", "disqual*" will match "disqualified" or "disqualification", etc.



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