Stewards Report

Redcliffe 15/06/2022

Redcliffe Harness

Date: Wednesday 15 June 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Fine

Stewards Panel: W.Barr (chairman MT) │ M.Greentree (500mts) │ N.Torpey (200mts) | D.Farquharson (VIT)| R.McCrae (Birdcage + Trials)

 Officials: S.McGinness (Veterinarian) │A.Rayburn (Judge) │B. Wilson (Assistant Judge) │G.Torpey, J.Petersen (Starters) │ L. Chaplin (Swab Collection Official)


Royal Princess (Shane Graham) Gate speed to lead

Rockslide (Chloe Butler) Outside leader throughout

Its Super Easy NZ (Nathan Dawson) Had a tendency to run out in the run to the finish

Fire And Ice (Justin Elkins) Restrained after start, restrained to rear.

Yankee C J NZ (Mark Dux) Restrained after the start, restrained to rear

Adrenaline Rush (Matt Elkins) Inconvenienced at approximately 300 metres when Royal Princess yielded ground

General:          A post race veterinary examination was conducted on Royal Princess (S.Graham) which after leading yielded ground over the final 400 metres to be beaten 43.6 metres. Dr. McGinness advised their was no significant findings. Trainer P.Greig advised that he will freshen the mare up and upon this undertaken stewards took no further action.


Hes Sweet (Shane Graham) Gate speed to lead.

Kanye Crusader (Lachie Manzelmann) Broke on the turn out of front straight after the start. The gelding will be required to trial before trialling again.

Mummys Boy (Nathan Dawson) Used sprint lane.

General:          Hes Sweet (S.Graham)  which hung out interfering with Parama NZ will be excluded from the barrier draw in future mobile events. The course veterinary surgeon Dr. McGuiness reported that Hes Sweet sustained a minor laceration to the near fore sustained during the event.

Kanye Crusader (L.Manzelmann) which broke on the turn out of the front straight in the first lap will be required to trial to the satisfaction of the stewards before racing again.

Race 3 - GRAND PRIX MAZDA ASPLEY PACE            1780M

Rockindownunder (Grant Dixon) Gate speed to lead.

Golden Lace NZ (Brittany Graham) Worked forward at start to lead outside line.

Pebble Sands (Greg Elkins) Restrained after the start, restrained to rear.

Tracer Bullet (Jonah Hutchinson) Was inconvenienced when Golden Lace NZ commenced to yield ground with approximately 300 metres from the finish.

Illbewatching (Angus Garrard) Used sprint lane.

General:          Driver Brittany Graham (Golden Lace NZ) was questioned regarding the driving tactics adopted in the early stages of the event. Miss Graham advised that she attempted to challenge for the lead in the back straight however the challenge was repelled by Rockindownunder (G.Dixon). Stewards noted the explanation.


Princess Chilla (Grant Dixon) Gate speed to lead.

Bee Gees Best (John Kerr) Caught wide early restrained to rear. Gave ground over the concluding stages.

Regal Nightshade NZ (Mark Dux) Used sprint lane.

Betting Baron (Hayden Barnes) Contacted marker peg

Misterriodejaneiro (Matt Elkins) Led three (3) wide line.


The Crom (Matt Crone) Caught wide early, restrained to rear.

Getaloadathisbro (Matt Elkins) Gate speed to lead.

Feel The Thrill (Mathew Neilson) Unable to gain clear running in the run to the finish.

Left In The Wind (Nathan Dawson) Worked forward early to lead the one (1) wide line.

General:          Driver Phoebe Betts (Dinosaurus Rex) was fined $400 for using her whip in a continuous manner in the front straight in the run to the finish (AHRR 156 (3)). Stewards were mindful of a recent breach of this rule when accessing penalty.

]Race 6 - GARRARDS HORSE & HOUND PACE           1780M

Circle Line (Zac Chappenden) Gate speed to lead. Surrended lead middle stages.

Lazy Blaze (Ian Coulson) Outside leader then yielded ground over the concluding stages.

Limbo Larry (Phoebe Betts) Caught wide early then restrained to rear

Courageous Sam (Chloe Butler) Broke under pressure and a last chance to race truly was placed.

Johnrod (Matt Elkins) Raced wide early worked forward to gain lead to approximately 1400 metres.

General:          Driver Ian Coulsen (Lazy Blaze) was questioned regarding his driving tactics in the middle stages of the event when occupying a position outside leader surged forward to hold out Johnrod (M.Elkins) from the turn out of the back straight until entering the front straight in the first lap. After considering the evidence stewards charged Driver Ian Coulsen for an unacceptable drive by exerting Lady Blaze which yielded ground over the concluding stages to be beaten in excess of 35 metres. Mr Coulsen pleaded guilty to the offence and stewards suspended his drivers licence for a period of four (4) weeks. (AHRR 149(2))


Elevate (Matt Elkins) Led, surrendered lead to Bold Cowboy in the back straight in the first lap. Inconvenienced when Bold Cowboy yielded ground. Elevate beaten 137.5 metres and will be required to trial before racing again

Bold Cowboy (Brittany Graham) Overraced during the early and middle stages beaten 137.5 metres., gave ground stood down to trial.

Diego Delgado (Phil Chappenden) Broke in front straight in first lap and a last chance to race truly was placed on the gelding.

Flash Freddie (Leonard Cain) Checked in front straight losing considerable ground when Diego Delgardo broke gait.



Bertils Firefox (John Kerr) Jumped object raced roughly.

Write Time (Jonah Hutchinson) Gave ground over the concluding stages.

Straytothepoolroom (Nathan Dawson) Gate speed to lead.

Illawong Dreamtime (Angus Garrard) Gate speed, obtained trail early. Used sprint late over concluding stages.

Abbey Diadema (Grant Dixon) Led three (3) wide line in the last lap.

General:          Driver John Kerr (Bertils Firefox) was fined $100 for allowing Bertils Firefox to shift in on the turn out of the front straight in the first lap resulting in horse jumping a marker peg and racing roughly (AHRR 163(1)c (i))

 Race 9 - HYGAIN FEEDS MAIDEN PACE        1780M

The Real Vanessa (Peter Greig) Slow out restrained to rear. No clear run in the front straight in the run to the finish.

Swift Change (Angus Garrard) Gate speed to lead.

Moon Over Montana (Matt Elkins) Inconvenienced in the score up.

Blue Bloodz (Mark Dux) A warning was issued for being out of position at start.

Tonys Secret (Nathan Dawson) Led the one (1) wide line throughout.

General:          Driver Mark Dux (Blue Bloodz) was fined $200 for using his whip in a continuous manner over the concluding stages of the event. (AHRR 156 (3))

Race 10 -BURWOOD STUD 2YO MAIDEN PACE         1780M

Five Starzz Joanne (Jonah Hutchinson) Gate speed to lead. Surrender lead early. Used print lane in run to the finish

English Dance (Nathan Dawson) Gate speed, worked forward then led.

Mister Domingo (Grant Dixon) Led one (1) wide line for the majority of the event.

Dollar Bucks (Trent Dawson) Broke score up out of position start and will be drawn wide in future mobile events. The gelding broke gait on the turn out of the front straight in the first lap and a last chance to race truly was advised to connections.

Five Star Gem (Trent Moffat) Had a tendency to hang in for the majority of the event. Raced roughly at approximately 300 metres.

Swabs samples taken for analysis


Race 1.                        Royal Princess

Race 2.                        Mummys Boy

Race 5.                        Gettaloalathisbro

Race 7.                        Im The Bounty Hunter NZ


All Race Winners

Race day Summary:


Race 1.             Lanoch Boy                              Veterinary Reasons                              

Race 2.             Little Change                            Veterinary Reasons

Race 9.             Cactus Rose                             Veterinary Reasons

Licensee Actions:

Race 5.                        Phoebe Betts (Dinosaurus Rex)   Fined $400 (AHRR 156(3))

Race 6.                         Ian Couslen (Lazy Blaze)           Suspended Four (4)Weeks AHRR 149(2))

Race 8.                        John Kerr (Bertils Firefox)           Fined $100 (AHHR 163(1)c(i)

Race 9.                        Mark Dux (Blue Bloodz)             Fined $200 (AHRR 156 (3))

Animal Actions:

Race 2.                        Kanye Crusader            Stood Down 1 Trial            BIR

Race 2.                         Hes Sweet                    ODM

Race 7.                        Bold Cowboy                 Stood Down 1 Trial        PP

Race 7.                        Elevate                         Stood Down 1 Trial        PP

Race 10.                       Skylar Bree                   BMD

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