Stewards Report

Redcliffe 05/06/2022

Redcliffe Harness

Date: Sunday 5 June 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Fine

Stewards Panel:   W.Barr (chairman) │L.Wilson (VIT) | O.Legg (500) (birdcage) |R.Cressey (200) │

Officials: S Flynn (Veterinarian) │ B.Wilson (Judge) │A.Rayward (Assistant Judge) │J.Petersen, K.Williams (Starters) │ J.Pedofsky (Swab Official)

Supplementary Report:

Trainer J Durston pleaded guilty for contravening AHHR 90A(2.9)(a) for allowing a person to attend his horse without a stable hand’s licence. Mr. Durston was fined the sum of $200.

Late driver changes for Race 1. So Cool Master (Matt Elkins), Race 2. Jewel of Peak (L.Cain) & Race 4. What A Jolt (L.Cain) were permitted due to driver N. McMullen being indisposed.

Race 1 - TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY PACE       2040M

So Kool Master (Matt Elkins) Yielded ground over the final 400 metres of the event.

Maggie NZ (Brittany Graham) Restrained after the start.

Theresachance (Nathan Dawson) Gate speed to lead.

Kanye Crusader (Phoebe Betts) Broke gait approaching the winning post.

Charm Offensive NZ (Lachie Manzelmann) Checked at approximately 400 metres when So Cool Master yielded ground.

General:          So Cool Master (Matt Elkins) yielded ground from approximately 400 metres from the finish. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding was suffering a repository issue and stewards will require a veterinary clearance before racing again.It was noted that So Cool Master completed the event with a flat near side tyre. Charm Offensive (Pete McMullen) and Maggie NZ (Brittany Graham) were both checked when So Cool Master yielded ground.

            Driver Phoebe Betts (Kanye Crusader) was fined $200 for using her whip in a continuous manner in the front straight in the run to the finish. (AHRR 156(3)).

Race 2 – GARRARDS HERE ON TRACK PACE            1780M

Jewel Of Peak (L.Cain) Gate speed to lead.

Polka Dot Dance NZ (Ricky Hunt) Outside leader throughout the event.

Hawaiianbeach (Tom Pay) Contacted marker pegs and a warning was placed on the gelding. Hawaiianbeach yielded ground over the concluding stages.

Sailalong Sinbad (Matt Elkins) Restrained at start, restrained to rear.

Dollarbill (Angus Garrard) Restrained at start, restrained to rear.

Race 3 - GRAND PRIX MAZDA ASPLEY PACE            1780M

Illawong Dreamtime (Brendan Barnes) Gate speed to lead.

Major Grandeur (Chloe Butler) Gate speed, outside leader for the majority of the event.

Non Passare (Leonard Cain) Restrained at start, restrained to rear.

Johnrod (Matt Elkins) Raced wide middle stages, worked forward to lead at approximately 1200 metres to lead.


La Safron (Zac Chappenden) Gate speed, obtained trail early

Teagan Banner NZ (Brittany Graham) Broke in the early stages of the score up then hampered by Philandering Chef which broke later in the score up resulting in Teagan Banner being slightly out of position at the candy pole.

Philandering Chef (Nathan Dawson) A warning was issued for breaking in the middle stages of the score up then erratically later in the score up.

What A Jolt (Matt Elkins) Gave ground over the concluding stages.

The Hervey Bay (Pete McMullen) Caught wide early, then worked forward to lead the outside line.


Lucinda Jamar (Trent Moffat) Gate speed to lead then surrendered lead at approximately 1400 metres.

Our Eduardo Denario NZ (Leonard Cain) Caught wide early then worked forward to lead at approximately 1400 metres.

General:          Driver R.Gordon (Lord Denzel) pleaded guilty to shifting out when insufficiently clear of Ally Pink on the turn into the front straight in the run to the to the finish. Mr. Gordon’s licence was suspended for a period of 10 days. Stewards took into account Mr. Gordon’s driving record and his guilty plea.

Race 6 - HYGAIN FEEDS PACE           1780M

My China Doll (Pete McMullen) Gate speed to lead

Devouged (Brendan Barnes) Worked forward to lead outside line before obtaining trail mid race.

Our Boy Roy (Angus Garrard) Worked forward to lead outside line.

My Ultimate Bondi (Chloe Butler) Raced wide mid race to gain lead at approximately 700 metres.


Blackjewel (Pete McMullen) Gate speed to lead.

Nolonga Your Choice NZ (Zac Chappenden) Gate speed to challenge lead then obtained trail.

Im A Shy Guy (Tom Pay) Gave ground over the concluding stages.

General:          Driver D. McCall (Devilstix) was fined $200 for using his whip in an unapproved manner over the concluding stages of the event. (AHRR 156(2))

Swabs samples taken for analysis


Race 1.                        Maggie NZ

Race 2.                        Jewel of Peak

Race 3.                        Major Grandeur

Race 4.                        La Safron

Race 6.                        Our Boy Roy

Race 7.                         Blackjewel


Race day Summary:


Race 1.   Montana Flash (L/Scr 8.53am)    Veterinary Reasons

Race 6.    Lady Allegra                               Spell

Licensee Actions:

   John Durston                               Fined $200 Unlicenced Strapper (AHRR 90A(2.9)(a))

Race 1.    Phoebe Betts (Kanye Crusader)  Fined $200  (AHRR 156(3)) Continuous Whip Action.

Race 5.   Ricky Gordon (Lord Denzel)       Suspension 10 days Shifting Ground Causing Interference.

                                                               (AHRR 163(1)(a)(iii)

Race 9.    Darren McCall                              Fined $200 (AHRR 156(2) Unapproved whip use                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Animal Actions:

Race 1.                        So Cool Master             Stood Down      Veterinary Certificate.

Race 5.                        Better Than Torque      Stood Down      Veterinary Certificate

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This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.

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