Stewards Report

Albion Park 31/05/2022

Albion Park Harness

Date: Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Fine

Stewards Panel: N. Torpey (Chairman) | W. Barr | M. Greentree | F. Hartford | O. Legg

Officials: Dr. S. McGinness (Veterinarian) │ B. Wilson (Judge) │ A. Rayward (Assistant Judge) │ G. Torpey & K. Williams (Starters) │ A. Challen (Sample Collection Official)

Supplementary Report:

Stewards noted the intended tactics from trainers with multiple runners in the one race


Paddy Pants NZ (Riley Butt)– Fractious before the start. Galloped out. A warning was issued. Hung in over the final 400 m.

Dead Set Muscle (Brittany Graham) – Galloped at the start resulting in mare taking no competitive part in the race. Dead Set Muscle will be excluded from the barrier draw in future standing start events until Stewards are satisfied it can perform in the desired manner.

Missy Nova NZ (Leonard Cain)– Checked by Paddy Pants NZ at the start.

The Night King (Alan Donohoe) – Inclined to hang out in the straight on the final occasion.


Aurora (Leonard Cain)– Broke gait shortly after the start. A warning was issued.

Rigondeaux (Nathan Dawson)– Held up for a clear run to the finish.

Down Under Rors (John Cremin)– Contacted marker posts near the 300 m when racing in restricted room.

Father Christmas NZ (Brendan Barnes) - Raced wide in the middle stages before working forward to the position outside of the leader.

Mullum Steffi (Angus Garrard)– Broke gait after the start. The mare will continue to be drawn wide in future standing start events.

Riley Moment NZ (Pete McMullen)– Raced wide in the early stages before working forward to the position in the lead.

Majestic Harry NZ (Brittany Graham)– Driver Brittany Graham was fined $400 for using her whip in an approved manner by applying it in a continuous manner over the final 100 m of the event. (R.156(3)).

Bd Khaosan NZ (Luke McCarthy)– Raced wide over the final 1000 m.


Our Friend NZ (Clint Sneddon)- Locked wheels with Lazy Blaze at the 200 m

Lazy Blaze (Leonard Cain)– Hung in and locked wheels with Our Friend at the 200 m


Illbewatching (Angus Garrard)– Broke gait in the early stages of the score up.

Only One Don (Narissa McMullen)– Broke gait in the score up and was out of position at the start. The gelding will be excluded from the barrier draw in future mobile events until Stewards are satisfied it can perform in the desired manner. Raced roughly during the event.

Race 5 – PRYDE'S EASIFEED 1 WIN PACE     1660M

Dancing With My Ex (Pete McMullen)– Was restrained to the rear of the field after being caught wide in the early stages.

The Ex Horseist (Grant Dixon)- Out of position at the candy pole. Will continue to be drawn wide in mobile events.

Harley Blue (Nathan Dawson)– Raced roughly for a short distance near the 100 m.


Williewa Lightning (Pete McMullen)– Gave ground after leading from the 400 m. Shifted in and contacted marker posts near the 200 m when yielding ground.

Race 7 – DESIGNLINE UP TO NR70 PACE       1660M

Brydon Earl NZ (Jordan Topping)– Gave ground over final 400 m finishing in last position beaten 63 m. An examination by the veterinarian subsequent to the race found no abnormalities at time of examination. Trainer advised of his disappointment with the gelding’s performance and advised he would be reviewing its racing future with the stable.

Itz Cherokee Jack NZ (Pete McMullen) - Raced ungenerously near the 1000 m when being manoeuvred back to the one-wide line.

General Montana NZ (Brittany Graham)– Hung out after the start. Shifted out in the run to the finish.         

Ohoka Jimmy NZ (Matt Elkinns) -Inconvenienced when Itz Cherokee Jack NZ raced ungenerously at the 1000 m

Race 8 - TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY UP TO NR70 PACE          1660M

No Doubt NZ (Shane Graham)– Raced roughly for a short distance after the start.

Swabs samples taken for analysis


R2        Im The Commander NZ

R3        Lazy Blaze

R4        This Ones For You

R6        Glendledi Commander NZ

R7        Im Jimmy James

R8        Slip The Hundy


All winners

Race day Summary


R3        Rollonx                         - Veterinary reasons

R5        Haveyoucheckedin        - Veterinary reasons

R8        Maretti                          - Veterinary reasons

R8        Mongolian Conqueror    - Veterinary reasons (L/scr)

Licensee Actions

R2        Brittany Graham            - $400 Fine – Unapproved whip use (continuous) – R.156(3)


Animal Actions

R1        Dead Set Muscle           - ODS

R4        Only One Don               - ODM

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This report and the Stewards Comments for this meeting may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards as races are reviewed.

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