Stewards Report

Albion Park 30/05/2022

Albion Park Harness

Date: Monday 30 May 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Overcast

Stewards Panel: R. McCrae (chairman) │ N. Torpey | W. Barr | N. Finnigan | M. Greentree

Officials: Dr. M McGarry (Veterinarian) │ B. Wilson (Judge) │ J. Suli (Assistant Judge) │G. Torpey & J. Petersen (Starters) │ K. Warwick (Swab Official)

Race 1 - BURWOOD STUD 2YO MAIDEN PACE           1660M

Cradock (Brendan Barnes) Inclined to hang out and race greenly when leading the event.

Fake Cullection (Shane Graham) Hung out and Broke Gait at the start due to a gear malfunction was unable to straighten the horse. The near side fixed pole became stuck in the saddle ring and placed the driver at a disadvantage. Stewards accepted the near pole jamming made it difficult to correct the horse in this instance.

Holme Boy (Grant Dixon) Taken wider at the start onto English Dance when Fake Cullection Hung out and broke gait. Raced wide over the early stages working forward to obtain the position outside of the leader.

English Dance (Mathew Neilson) Checked and broke gait when Holme Boy shifted wider.

Sarasun (Trent Dawson) Raced roughly entering the home straight when placed under pressure.  

Lady Digby (Leonard Cain) Utilized the sprint lane in the run to the finish.


Tracer Bullet (Angus Garrard) Momentarily tightened for room rounding the home turn contacting a number of marker pegs.

Montana Flash (Jordan Topping) Raced wide over the early stages working forward to the position outside of the leader.

Rolamax (Chloe Butler) Restrained at the start. Inconvenienced when Congo Line broke gait leaving the 500metre point.

Congo Line (Justin Elkins) Commenced a three wide run leaving the 1000metre point. Nearing the 500 metre point of the race commenced to race roughly and broke gait free of interference. Connections were advised the Gelding will be placed on it’s last chance to race truly.


Reduced To Ashes (Chris Petroff) Surrendered the lead over the early stages

Batman Bart (Nathan Dawson)Worked forward over the early stages to obtain the lead. Hung in contacting a marker peg entering the front straight on the first occasion.

Race 4 - GARRARDS HORSE & HOUND PACE            2138M

Crossed Legs (Chloe Butler) Inclined to over race and pull hard when racing in behind the leader.

Race 5 – SKY RACING PACE   1660M

Ally Pink (Leonard Cain) Inconvenienced when Blackjewel broke gait entering the first turn.

Betterthan Torque (Shane Graham) Inconvenienced when Blackjewel broke gait entering the first turn. Completed the race with an offside flat tyre sustained leaving the 800metre point.

Blackjewel (Brendan Barnes) Hung out in the score up then broke gait free of interference entering the first turn. Connections were advised the Mare will be placed on it’s last chance to race truly.

Major Grandeur (Chloe Butler) Commenced a three wide run leaving the 800metre point of the race.


Driver Chloe butler was fined the sum of $100 under AHR 168(1)(a) for contacting the offside sulky wheel of Betterthan Torque resulting in the tyre becoming flat leaving the 800metre point.

Race 6 - DESIGNLINE PACE    1660M

Rocknholme (Angus Garrard) Inclined to hang in throughout the race.


Bold Cowboy (Brittany Graham) The off side sulky tyre was struck leaving 400 then again entering the homestraight resulting in the tyre becoming flat then fouled over the concluding stages of the event.

Indy Jewel (Mathew Neilson) Cast and off hind plate shortly after start , raced roughly throughout the race and contacted sulky wheel of Bold Cowboy on several occasions. Connections were advised the Filly will have a Warning placed on it for it’s racing manners.

Feelin Flirty (Chloe Butler) Was struck in the vicinity of the head by the hind shoe cast by Indy Jewel shortly after the start and broke gait broke gait, No action was taken against the Gelding for breaking gait in this instance.  


The All clear was delayed when driver Brittany Graham the driver of Bold Cowboy who finished third in the event wished to view the stewards patrol footage and subsequently lodged a protest against the second placegetter Indy Jewel as the filly had struck the sulky wheel of Bold Cowboy leaving the 400metre point resulting in that horse then having to continue the race with a flat tyre then being struck again entering the hometurn resulting in the tyre then becoming fouled. After viewing the patrol footage and considering the evidence tendered by both drivers and the neck margin between second and third places stewards were comfortably satisfied that had the tyre not been flattened then fouled which placed Bold Cowboy at a significant disadvantage over the concluding stages of the event Bold Cowboy would have been able to finish in a better finishing position. Stewards upheld the protest and declared all clear on the placings 2, 1, 4 and 5.

Driver Matthew Neilson was initially charged under AHR168(1)(a) for allowing his horse Indy Jewel to contact the sulky of Bold Cowboy on a number of occasions however after hearing additional evidence tendered by the driver in that Indy Jewel cast an off hind plate which in this instance has a substantial hanger on the outside edge to prevent the filly from striking it’s self. Stewards were satisfied that the racing characteristics of Indy Jewel were the main contributor to the filly racing roughly and becoming difficult to drive over the concluding stages of the event. Subsequent to this the charge was withdrawn against driver Matthew Neilson and connections of Indy Jewel were advised a warning will be placed on the filly for racing ungenerously.  

Driver Brittany Graham was fined the sum of $200 under AHR 156 (3) for utilizing her whip over the concluding stages in a continuous manner.

Race 8 - TAB LONG MAY WE PLAY UP TO NR70 HEAT 1       1660M

Charm Offensive NZ (Lachie Manzelmann) Was unable to secure clear running over the concluding stages of the race.


Driver L. Manzelmann was fined the sum of $200 under AHR 156 (3) for applying his whip in an unacceptable continuous manner.

Swabs samples taken for analysis


R1        Hollywoodbound

R3        Feel the Spirit

R5        Ally Pink

R7        Indy Jewel


All Winners

Race day Summary


R4        Betting Baron Vets

R5        Gretels Girl Vets

R7        Betting Origin L/S Vets

R8        Mister Hart Vets

Licensee Actions

R5        Chloe Butler - $100 – AHR 168(1)(a) – caused flat tyre

R8        Brittany Graham - $200 – AHR156(3) – Continuous Whip

R9        Lachie Manzelmann - $200 – AHR 156 (3) – Continuous Whip

Animal Actions


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