Stewards Report

Albion Park 09/06/2022

Albion Park Harness

Date: Thursday, 9th June 2022

Track: Good

Weather: Fine

Stewards Panel: L Wilson (Chairman) │ W Barr | M Greentree | K Daly │ O Legg (Birdcage)

Officials: Dr M McGarry (Veterinarian) │ A Rayward (Judge) │ B Wilson (Assistant Judge) │G Torpey & J Petersen (Starters) │ A Challen (Swab Official)

Supplementary Report:


Another Statement (Adam Sanderson) – Galloped out for a short distance when the start was effected, a warning was issued.

Sweet As NZ (Mark Dux) - Galloped out for a short distance when the start was effected, a warning was issued.

Call Me Keith NZ (Pete McMullen) – Stepped and led, surrendered the lead near the 2400m.

Tommy Lincoln NZ (Angus Garrard) - Galloped out for a short distance when the start was effected, a warning was issued. Led the one wide line from the 1200m.

Captain Crusader (Rickie Alchin) - Galloped out for a short distance when the start was effected, a warning was issued. Worked forward to lead at the 2400m.


Bonnie Prince Louis NZ (Nathan Dawson) – Gate speed led, jumped a shadow and broke gait at the 1900m, losing all chance in the race. The gelding was placed on its last chance to race truly. Trainer Ben Battle advised he intends to make some gear changes to prevent a recurrence.

Parked In Heaven (Ashleigh Delosa) – Found the lead as a result of Bonnie Prince Louis NZ breaking gait however, surrendered the lead shortly after near the 1700m.

Shadys Cullect (Trent Moffat) – Led one wide line.

Connies Spirit (Angus Garrard) – Raced three wide early, worked forward to lead near the 1700m. Hung in  the final lap contacting marker pegs, a warning was issued. Tired badly to finish last beaten 114.9m, the filly was placed on its last chance to race competitively.

Race 3 - SKY RACING PACE    1660m

Living Free (Angus Garrard) – Gate speed, led.

Feelgood Express (Phoebe Betts) – Caught wide early, restrained to the rear from the 1000m. Gave ground from the 500m.

Blackjewel (Pete McMullen) – Broke gait after the start, the horse will be excluded from the barrier draw in future mobile events.


Nesters Hill (Taleah McMullen) – Gate speed, unable to hold the lead.

Baileys With Legs (Narissa McMullen) – Gate speed, led. Surrendered the lead near the 1300m.

Golden Sand (John Stariha) – Gate speed, worked forward to lead at the 1300m. Hung out in the back straight in the final lap. A warning was issued.


Our Friend NZ (John Stariha) – Utilised sprint lane.

Feel The Thrill (Mathew Neilson) – Gate speed, led.

Redbank Molly (Narissa McMullen) – Led one wide line.

Shez Got Bling (Pete McMullen) – Checked and broke near the 1800m. Raced three wide from the 900m.

Lancelot Bromac NZ (Leonard Cain) – Checked near the 1800m.

Luxury Lad (Angus Garrard) – Checked near the 1800m. Raced three wide with cover from the 1800m.

Courageous Sam (Brendan Barnes) – Broke gait in the early stages of the score up placing the gelding out of position at the start, the horse will be excluded from the barrier draw in future mobile events. Checked and broke near the 500m.

Cheddar Made Beta NZ (Julie Weidemann) – Sulky contacted leaving the 500m.

Crossed Legs (Chloe Butler) – Over-raced and pulled hard. Ran up onto the sulky of Cheddar Made Beta NZ near the 1800m and was checked by its driver resulting in trailing runners being checked. A warning was issued. Contacted the off- side sulky wheel of Cheddar Made Beta NZ when attempting to improve wider leaving the 500m.

General - Driver Butler was charged and pleaded guilty for careless driving AHRR 168 (1)(a) careless contacting sulky. Ms Butler was fine $200.


Its Back Page News NZ (John Stariha) – Gate speed, led.

Precious Cullen NZ (Chloe Butler) – Led one wide line before receiving cover from the 1100m.

Golden Lace NZ (Brittany Graham) – Raced three wide early, worked forward to lead the one wide line at the 1100m.

Cash Queen (Grant Dixon) – Raced roughly throughout.

Outa The Blue (Brendan Barnes) –. Failed to obtain clear running in the home straight and was not fully tested.

General- The gelding jumped shadows in the preliminary. Stewards gave permission to add a shadow roll, the gelding was then tested going over the shadows and was passed to start, an announcement was made to this effect.

Snoop Stride (Phoebe Betts) – Raced three wide late.

Race 7 - WOLF SIGNS PACE   1660M

The Poobah (Ashleigh Delosa) - Gate speed, led.

Misty Creek (Julie Weidemann) – Three wide early, worked forward to race outside the lead thereafter.

He Said She Said (Phoebe Betts) – Utilised sprint lane.


Oyster Stride (Chloe Butler) – Gate speed, led.

Raani (Narissa McMullen) -  Led one wide line

Blue Moon Rising NZ (Jordan Topping) – Held up early.


Bomb Suit NZ (Nathan Dawson) – Gate speed, led . Over raced and pulled in the early and middle stages. Under pressure from the 400m. Query

Timzee NZ (Taleah McMullen)-  Raced wide early. Led one wide line.

Just Dessy (Zac Chappenden) – Three wide early, unsuccessfully challenged for the position outside the leader, restrained to a forward trailing position.


Stewards questioned Driver Nathan Dawson (Bomb Suit NZ) regarding the tactics adopted on the gelding in particular after finding the lead early allowed the horse to run along at a quick tempo running the first quarter and 26.6 to retain the lead however, was under pressure leaving the 400 m  losing some ground however picked up again in the home straight and ran home moderately beaten 14.8 m. Mr Dawson explained the horse has been out of the draw for some time and has drawn the back line, today they elected to utilise the good barrier draw and try the gelding in the lead. Adding he elected to allow his horse to run along early to hold the lead as he had concerns regarding the two horses to his outside challenging for forward positions. The gelding began to over race and pulled hard however, when the horses had progress to race forward of his gelding near the 400m the gelding dropped the bit and started to give ground quickly however when the gelding found a helmet to follow the gelding picked up the bit again and ran home moderately. Mr Dawson further advised after today’s race that in similar circumstances they would drive the horse with a sit. Stewards noted this explanation for future reference.

Swabs samples taken for analysis


 R2   Bonnie prince Louis NZ

 R4   Meribel

 R5   Crossed Legs

 R6   Melton Insulted

 R8   Parama

 R9  Just Dessy


All Winners

Race day Summary


            Race 3  Remember Eve

            Race 5 Precious Sara NZ

            Race 9  Lady Avana NZ

            Race 9 Saginaw NZ     

Licensee Actions

    R5 Chloe Butler – Fined $200 – Careless Driving - AHRR 168 (1) (a)

Animal Actions

    R2    Feelin Flirty - BMD

    R3    Blackjewel   ODM

    R5    Courageous Sam  ODM

    R9    Delightful Reason - BMD


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