Benefits of Owning A Standardbred

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Low Cost

The low average cost of Australian Standardbreds makes owning a pacer or a trotter an attractive and enjoyable proposition. The average sale price of pacers at recent Sales has been around $6,500.

More Chances

But it’s not just the low initial price. There is big prize money on offer. Just refer to the State Registrars for details of their Special Breeding Schemes. Small fields also improve your chances, with most races averaging only ten runners.

And the Standardbred is a tough durable breed of horse, capable of giving its best over a wide range of distances and for much longer periods between spells.

Get excited

Click this link to read some further benefits of owning a Standardbred,  as seen from a NSW perspective.  Similar arrangements apply in all States.


Sharing the costs of acquiring and racing a standardbred means ownership can be affordable for anyone. States encourage syndicates under your own chosen name at reasonable fees to participate. Ring them for details.


Leasing gives you all the action without the initial outlay. You lease the horse and race it. The owner receives a predetermined percentage of prizemoney. Leasing forms and their conditions including the payment of rent are available from each State.

Further Information

Research Papers :   Ownership in Australia





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