Protected Names

Harness Racing Australia Inc



Harness Racing Australia compiles reference lists of those Standardbred horse names which are protected in recognition of high profile racetrack achievement.

Previously the name(s) of any past renowned racetrack performers were listed for either permanent or 15 year protection.  

Now these, and all names in the Australian Naming register, are protected, as per:

Reg 1(a)  Any existing names of trotting or pacing horses appearing on the Australian name register or the
name of any past renowned racetrack performer as identified in the Name Protection Guidelines or as a
winner of a race specified in the Australian Harness Racing Chronicles (are eliminated). 
(Reg 1(a) amended - AHRC approved 19th November 2004)

There are two categories for protected names:

  Renowned Winners  (pdf)
  Oaks/Derby Winners  (pdf)

These reference lists are updated annually.

This concept is also reflected in a reciprocal agreement on "recognized and preserved" names made between the Harness, Thoroughbred and Greyhound racing codes. 

For further information on all updates to Naming Regulations, please refer to the Australian Harness Racing Rules - Rules 93, 94, 95, 95A, 95AB (pdf)